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Escapism in a Digital World

Daily Emerald 19 Oct 2021
According to a Case Western Reserve University study, over 36% of LGBTQ people face harassment and bigotry ... Despite facing online homophobia and transphobia, Valente and Wilson each say they’ve used video games as a way to escape real-life bigotry ... in the game gender-neutral.

Dave Chappelle vs. trans people vs. Netflix

Vox 14 Oct 2021
“Effectually she said gender was fact, ... Even if you believe “Chappelle, the offstage human” is a decent and supportive trans ally, “Chappelle, the onstage comic” is promoting bigotry and amplifying gender essentialism in a way that contributes to making trans people deeply unsafe.

ICYMI: Dave Chappelle Recieves Backlash For Trans Comments In Netflix Special

The Source 10 Oct 2021
TERF stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” a term used to describe feminists whose views about gender are seen as anti-trans ... Effectually she said gender was a fact, the trans community got mad as s**t, they started calling her a TERF.” ... “I’m team TERF.… Gender is a fact.”.

Dave Chappelle Gets Backlash For Trans Comments In New Special

The Source 07 Oct 2021
TERF stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” a term used to describe feminists whose views about gender are seen as anti-trans ... Effectually she said gender was a fact, the trans community got mad as s**t, they started calling her a TERF.” ... “I’m team TERF.… Gender is a fact.”.

'Our Fight Is Your Fight': Angela Rayner Says There Is No Conflict Between Women's Rights ...

Huffington Post 28 Sep 2021
The deputy leader reaffirmed Labour’s commitment to updating the Gender Recognition Act to allow for the process of self-ID – whereby a person can self-identify as their chosen rather than legally assigned gender ... “We will update the Gender Recognition Act to create a process of self-ID.

Be Rational

Quillette 28 Sep 2021
Rationality is uncool. To describe someone with a slang word for the cerebral, like nerd, wonk, geek, or brainiac, is to imply they are terminally challenged in hipness ... the cognitive illusions built into human nature, and the bigotries, prejudices, phobias, and -isms that infect the members of a race, class, gender, sexuality, or civilization ... .

Prince Harry and Meghan Hustle to become royalty—in Hollywood

Live Mint 25 Sep 2021
BY Erich Schwartzel ... The big unknown ... a hit ... in May ... “Suits" gave Meghan a platform to explore some of the priorities she’d had outside of show business, traveling to South Carolina to hear the stories of high-school students who overcame bullying and bigotry. By 2014, she was speaking out for gender equality and attending events at the United Nations.

The Library Company looks back at its 'Imperfect History'

The Philadelphia Tribune 24 Sep 2021
The Library Company of Philadelphia is the oldest lending library in America, and also its oldest cultural institution, founded in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin, among others in Philadelphia ... One thing the exhibition does is show visual, racial, and gender bigotry going back hundreds of years, both intended and unintentional ... “I find it funny ... ....

Anti-LGBTQ former San Antonio councilwoman Elisa Chan shows interest in running for Texas House

San Antonio Current 14 Sep 2021
Chan, 55, says she’s definitely running if Larson steps aside,” Garcia wrote in his September 11 column. At least two other local aspirants have expressed interest in running as well ... She continued ... Chan also condemned transgender and gender fluid people ... “Bigotry and intolerance might define Chan’s personal view on homosexuality and gender identity.

Statues offer monumental talks about race and history(L.A. PARKER COLUMN)

The Trentonian 13 Sep 2021
Down goes Robert E. Lee! Down goes Robert E. Lee! ... Still, the 131-year-old Lee statue being hoisted off its pedestal in Richmond, Va ... U.S ... These homages for hometown Civil War heroes allowed entrenchments of bias and bigotry ... No ... Tubman memorial likely will face trials and tribulations of vandalism as hate, discrimination, gender bias, racism and bigotry.

‘Hollywood Remixed’: ‘Billions’ Star Asia Kate Dillon on How Non-Binary Representation Changes Lives

The Hollywood Reporter 12 Sep 2021
And because gender is a spectrum ... We know that there is a reality in which trans, non-binary, intersex, gender nonconforming people are the targets of hate, bigotry, violence, discrimination, whether it’s job discrimination, housing discrimination, they have higher rates of bullying and suicide than any other marginalized group.

Use of gendered slurs at DU

Democratic Underground 08 Sep 2021
We have a rule against bigotry and insensitivity here at DU ... No bigotry/insensitivity ... The above statement doesn't directly say anything about misogyny or sexism, but in my opinion, gendered slurs are a form of bigotry and insensitivity that don't belong here ... a gender.

Voice to the voiceless

Dawn 13 Aug 2021
... and embarrassing the impact of ‘passive voice’ could be until recently when I started researching the discourses on social, electronic and print media concerning domestic violence, gender discrimination, sexual abuse, honour-killings, intolerance, bigotry and patriarchy.

All Brendan Fraser Movies, Ranked by Tomatometer

Rotten Tomatoes 13 Aug 2021
The Paleolithic cult movie is a prototypical ’90s comedy ... 0% ... A raw and unsettling morality piece on modern angst and urban disconnect, Crash examines the dangers of bigotry and xenophobia in the lives of interconnected Angelenos ... Issues of race and gender cause a group of strangers in Los Angeles to physically and emotionally collide in this...